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Extend repeat options

Extend the repeat task options to enable selections like the 'x' day of every 'x' months. e.g. 'the 2nd Tuesday of each month', or 'the 1st Saturday every 2 months'
Bill, 13.12.2011, 20:29
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Create a desktop version of Pocket Lists

I would like to be able to organise my lists on my Macintosh desktop computer too. And then for it to sync with my iPhone version of Pocket Lists. The reason for this is because sometimes my internet connection is slow (and therefore typing...
Response from the site administrator
vofka, 05.10.2012
While there is no Pocket Lists app for Mac available, you can enable syncing with the stock Reminders app, which has Mac client (and which is synced via iCloud).
Walter, 09.04.2012, 13:03
65 votes Vote

Collapse/Expand parents to hide/show children

See workflowy.com for an example of powerful hierarchy expanding/collapsing
Sam, 24.02.2012, 20:30
63 votes Vote

Swipe to delete

I'd like swipe to delete. It's a bit inticrate if you want to clean up multiple items and have to go into each one, scroll down to the very bottom and delete from there.
Etienne, 21.08.2012, 21:11
60 votes Vote

Add an item anywhere inside a list

Right now you are restricted to entering an item at the top of the list when you hit the + sign. When you add a new item, then add your next item is added directly below the previous item. You should be able to select an item, it should highlight...
Eric Rosenquist, 08.01.2012, 23:14
38 votes Vote

Always show day of week in the date picker

When setting a due date for a task, it is helpful to see the day of week together with the date in the date picker widget. For now the date picker only shows numbers, and weekdays are shown only if you also set a time for the notification. If you...
elpres, 18.04.2012, 10:51
37 votes Vote

Landscape mode for fast input

Landscape mode for fast input typing in portrait is slow for me. Nothing more to add.
Yvos, 18.02.2012, 11:33
35 votes Vote

Have finished items drop off automatically

Use case: grocery list. Walking through the supermarket I tick of the stuff I got in my basket. Currently they stay in my list and they are only moved to the bottom when I shake my device. However shaking the device also resets the sort order,...
Jord, 21.04.2012, 13:11
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"To-Do Today" in Stream

Everytime, I go to the stream screen, I have the strong feeling of something missing, and that is a "To-Do today" (or "daily review", "Today" etc.) section right on top of it. This would be best solved by putting all To-Do's together on top of the...
fiskgermany, 23.01.2013, 19:52
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Colours and Text Box

Best list app that I've found and I've tried more than a few. A couple of things I'd like to see are; more colour options for the list backgrounds and more colour options for the priority setting. Also it would be useful to have a note/text...
Eliza, 04.04.2012, 22:47
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I'm highly surprised how no one (sorry, 1) has asked for one of the most important features - tags :)
Tom, 24.08.2012, 00:29
27 votes Vote

Android app

vofka, 13.11.2011, 11:18
25 votes Vote

Make phone calls from a number attached to a task.

I would love to be able to make phone calls by tapping a number or contact inserted in a list item.
Crystal Holloway, 15.03.2012, 22:23
23 votes Vote

Put completed items to the bottom of the list

It would be good to have an option in settings which would enable users to push completed items to the bottom of the list automatically, as an alternative to shake iphone or sort in ipad. Thank you very much.
Emre, 17.01.2013, 01:03
19 votes Vote

Easier way to pospone / re-remind later

When a task becomes due, sometimes it's not at an appropriate time. You have to go in to the app to reschedule the due date if you want to be reminded later. It would be nice to have options on the notification that would allow you to postpone...
Rich H, 24.07.2012, 20:24
15 votes Vote

Display calendar, but don't push todos to calendar

I like syncing with my calendar to display today's appointments and tasks together in my stream. I don't like the todos getting pushed out to my calendar, cluttering up my appointment book. So perhaps allow the app read-only access to my...
Rebekah, 05.09.2012, 14:48
15 votes Vote

Sort stream by due date first and priority second

I get very frustrated looking at Stream when my reminder to pay rent a month from now sorts higher than my reminder to buy cat food tonight. I shouldn't have to tweak priority for sorting purposes. I would prefer a toggle between sorting Stream by...
Meg Bullock, 29.01.2013, 22:01
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14 votes Vote

Automatic indent for imported multiple-level lists

If items are preceded by tabs or spaces, indent the line, to create an outline format.. When interpreting spaces, you could evaluate the first line that starts with spaces, and set the criteria for the rest of the indents. For example, if the...
Chuck Hoffman, 20.02.2012, 21:56
14 votes Vote

Search in stream

Search ability appears in List, but not when in Stream. Please add search option to stream.
PittaGirl1, 26.02.2012, 01:32
14 votes Vote

Enable actions right from PocketLists

I realized that it would be a great feature if I typed like "send Email to x today 5pm" and the app would then recognize that I want to write an Email (to x) and enable therefore a button or something which would then directly lead me to the...
fiskgermany, 07.01.2013, 09:02
14 votes Vote

Assign tasks to specific person in shared lists

Competitors like Astrid offer the ability to assign a given task (within a shared list) to a specific person. This allows for users to know which tasks are specifically intended for him or her. I'd really love to see this in Pocket Lists.
RuskiTyoma, 16.05.2013, 18:39
13 votes Vote

Font size options

Hi, When you have a lot of tasks to display, the default font size seems a bit too large to maximize the amout of text displayed on screen, making you scroll more than necessary. It'd be really nice to have a few more options to customize font...
ant, 15.09.2013, 02:22
12 votes Vote

Number badge for priorities

Add a Number Badge on the app icon for priorities (green, yellow and red), not just due dates.
Carlos, 31.03.2012, 02:54
1 comment
12 votes Vote

More sorting options

I really like the "shake to rearrange" feature, but it'd be really cool to have more sorting options. For example : - sort by priority, then due date, or the opposite - sort by alphabetical order - mix sorting criterias (high priority+overdue,...
ant, 15.09.2013, 02:44
11 votes Vote

Sound after an item is checked

One of the feature I like in Clear.app is that after you checked an item, it plays a joyful sound. Hope Pocket Lists can do similar thing!
Reder Tseng, 11.03.2012, 09:04
11 votes Vote

Put a list in standby

Lists are very useful for the repetitive little things at home like remember trash or pills. But sometimes in holidays you're not at home and it will be usefull to deactivate a list (or a task) to avoid all alarms... without losing data and be...
Arnaud, 26.02.2013, 20:42
11 votes Vote

Add "make photo" for item of the list

Add function "Add photo (make photo)" when you adding new item of the list. That's make possible to show to another viewer of list, what kind of item you want him to buy. For example: When i see that milk is finished - I add milk, and photo...
Иван Новиков, 07.06.2015, 14:11
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8 votes Vote

Use geofencing for location-based alerts.

The newer geofence feature for iOs seems less intrusive and is supposed to use less battery. Also-- the location feature seems to on persistently even if there's no location reminder set. AND it's not possible to turn off a location for a task...
User765, 19.04.2012, 16:22
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8 votes Vote

Include notes when emailing list

Would like the notes to be included for each list item when emailing that list.
Robert Hernandez, 06.01.2013, 06:01
7 votes Vote

Need a find facility/button for large lists

I have a couple of list with 250 + items in them, you need a facility / find button to locate what your looking for rather than trying to scroll down through so many items / to do's. Many thanks. Ps additional suggestion to follow on To-do...
Paul Jordan, 29.02.2012, 22:33

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